Wizardry Reborn as a Blockchain Game

Eternal Crypt - Wizardry BC - is an ambitious project that marries the timeless masterpiece with the concept of a blockchain game, a frontier in the gaming industry. With an emphasis on usability and the characteristics of blockchain games, the game was boldly transformed from an RPG genre to a cookie clicker game, while leaving the compelling features of the original game intact. The strategic nature of party formation is certainly in the vein of Wizardry, making it a new generation blockchain game.
As a guildmaster, the player goes about structuring a party, or a team, of the most competent adventurers, defeats the enemies that stand in his way, and aims to go deeper into the dungeon to acquire the "Blood Crystal," a precious treasure in limited supply.
The game can be played without purchasing an adventurer NFT, with players acting as guildmasters. Adventurer NFTs are extremely valuable since only a limited number of adventurers can refine Blood Crystal, and consequently, it requires certain fees to have those qualified adventures join the party.