INO : Initial NFT Offering

The special Adventurer NFTs - Adventurer Genesis Collection - will be sold before the game’s release.

Up to 20% of the BC token’s entire supply will be provided through the Adventurer Genesis Collection.

  • Sold at higher prices compared to the standard adventurer NFT.
  • A beta version to be launched before the game’s release where the player can acquire the BC token only through the use of Adventurer Genesis Collection.
  • BC can be earned by playing the game during the beta period while structuring a party composed of Adventurer Genesis Collection.
  • During the beta period, up to 15% of the total tokens will be released.
  • BC can be exchanged for an adventurer NFT, which can then be used after the game’s official release.
  • BC can be acquired with Adventurer Genesis Collection following the release of the game as long as the Alchemical Power associated with the NFT remain valid. ( Up to 5% of the total tokens will be released.)
  • Out of the planned 20% token release through Adventurer Genesis Collection, any tokens that remain unreleased due to reasons such as lack of gameplay during the beta period will be subject to burning.

We seek to build a vibrant community of core users that possess the BC token and have strong interest in the game and the gaming IP upon its release.

Adventurer Genesis Collection

  • Adventurer Genesis Collection are NFTs of the "Genesis" rarity in Adventurer NFTs.
  • Each Adventurer Genesis Collection has a unique appearance, making it a one-of-a-kind adventurer in the world.
  • Users who own Adventurer Genesis Collection will be able to play the beta version of the game.
  • In the beta version, by organizing Adventurer Genesis Collection into a deck, exploring the dungeon, and "returning to town", you can earn BC tokens.
  • The BC tokens earned in the beta version can be exchanged for regular Adventurer NFTs.
  • Adventurer Genesis Collection can still be used as Adventurer NFTs after the full game release by including them in your deck, and as long as their alchemical power exceeds 0, you can continue to earn BC.

Difference Between Adventurer Genesis Collection and Adventurer NFT

Adventurer Genesis Collection can earn a certain amount of tokens by being organized into a deck and exploring dungeons, followed by 'returning to the town', both during the pre-release period and after the full release. However, after the full release, tokens can only be earned if the alchemical power exceeds zero.
Adventurer NFTs follow a different logic for token acquisition compared to Adventurer Genesis Collection. First, during the pre-release period, even if Adventurer NFTs are organized into a deck, they do not influence token acquisition. After the full release, tokens can be earned by exploring the dungeon and 'returning to town' in a state further advanced than the deepest point of the previous exploration. The amount of tokens that can be earned is based on several parameters such as the alchemical power, mining power, and dungeon progress of the Adventurer NFTs organized into the deck.
Please understand that for Adventurer NFTs, a certain amount of tokens is not guaranteed to be earned by organizing them into a deck, exploring the dungeon, and 'returning to the town'.

About Burn

  • Tokens released through Adventurer Genesis Collection will amount to a maximum of 20% of the total.
  • Tokens that have been confirmed as unreleased due to lack of gameplay during the early release period will be burned.
  • Burned tokens are sent to a 0 address and will never be transferred to a valid address again.
  • Burning is a mechanism used to reduce the number of tokens in circulation.
    • It is often implemented in many token projects to maintain a balance of supply and demand.
  • In the Tokenomics of Eternal Crypt - Wizardry BC -, burning is adopted to prevent events such as inflation, by changing the initial Token Distribution Schedule when the unreleased tokens have been confirmed.